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About Sacha

Hello! I’m Sacha, founder of Kalakula, I’m passionate about the intersection of sports, arts, spacemaking, and education. My journey has led me to the exciting crossroads where creativity meets physical activity, and where public spaces become vibrant hubs for community engagement.

With a background rooted in both sports and arts, I’ve always been fascinated by the potential of urban spaces to inspire and connect people. My experiences in education and community development have further fueled my desire to create meaningful environments that enrich lives.


Why Kalakula?

The founding of Kalakula stems from my belief in the transformative power of creativity and play. By reimagining sports infrastructure through art and design, we can create spaces that not only facilitate physical activity but also spark joy, curiosity, and collaboration among youth and communities.

Vision for the Future

I envision a future where every city’s sports and play spaces are vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring. Through Kalakula, I am dedicated to collaborating with cities, organizations, and local communities to make this vision a reality.

Join me on this exciting journey of transforming urban landscapes into colorful, engaging environments where sports, arts, and community converge. Let’s work together to redefine what public spaces can be and inspire the next generation.

Together, let’s create spaces that inspire and uplift!

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Kalakula, Belgium